Regardless of whether you sell Chocolate Bars, Property or Community Services - establishing - and reiterating - your brand in the mind of your audience is essential.  


Now that I've stated the obvious... 

It seems that it's not!  


A thought to consider:  

Online Retailing in Australia is estimated to be worth an eye watering  $23bil as of August 2018 (1).

Yet, how many parcels have you recently ordered online, and received, that have substantial brand presence on the parcel? 

In our household, we're lucky if it's 20% of all parcels.  

Now, consider how many people handle, or otherwise view, those parcels along the supply chain let alone once you've received the goods - all completely unbranded.

This seems like a missed opportunity to me - especially when the parcel packaging is a cost to the business anyway. 

I invite you to consider the value of your brand's 'Real Estate' - and drop us a line if you'd like to discuss your options. 

(1) https://www.ibisworld.com.au/industry-trends/market-research-reports/thematic-reports/online-shopping.html