TPS are the packaging experts

Since 2005, Total Packaging Solutions have been providing guidance and advice to Australian manufacturers as part of bringing new product lines to market.

Specifically, we work with you and your product, sales, production and logistics teams to take your ideas from the concept stage through to design, physical sampling and production.

We are the exclusive supplier of XXX (based in XXX, China) - and have worked with Australian clients for over xx years in partnership with XXX to delivery a unique, bespoke packaging solution.

Detoni Patisserie French Macaroon Box

Customer One - XXX - Style - YYY

All of our client packaging needs are considered when designing your sticker or label.

We do this to ensure that the quality, image and message of your brand remains consistent in the eyes of your consumer.

To deliver on this approach, we offer complete flexibility in terms of colour, styles, processes, glues and finishes on your labels, on sheets or rolls.

Foil your thing? Gold is good?  Chilled your choice? We're your experts.

Customer 2 - XXX - Style - YYY.

We've created labels of all shapes and sizes for many purposes.

Jar labels, security stickers, ingredient labels, shipping stickers.

Pre-printed or ready to print.


If you can imagine it, chances are we can create it - if we haven't already!

Amazonia Raw Paleo Fermented Protein

Customer 3 - XXX - Style - YYY.

Our versatile production processes ensure you get your labels and stickers in a form that best suits your needs.

Single print ready sheets? Done.

On rolls with surrounds removed? Ready.

Bulk labels ready to be machine fed? Easy.


Would your brand benefit? Lets chat.

You’d be surprised how affordable custom can be.